Exhumation - Opus Death + Poster, Black Edition (Idn), LP

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Heavy vinyl (180g) with noble gatefold and high quality printed inner-sleeve, incl. big A2 poster (135g).

Death Metal by EXHUMATION deserves the term „classical“: It is sinister, clanging and evil. The Eastern Asian roots are undeniable, but now the music is darker than ever before.

The album offers an improved sound quality and reminds the listener of the legendary MAYHEM line-up, early DEICIDE or the dismal and dark early years of MORBID ANGEL! Modern metal tends to go ways not everyone is fond of. But change is not always equal to more progression or mixing of genres. Now EXHUMATION’s second opus is available on vinyl, and it is colder and more pitiless than the first release. Still it relies on its Eastern Asian roots; but now they are buried underneath a thick layer of classical Death Metal which has an uncanny resemblance to the Black Metal of the late 80s.


Side A

1. Soul Wanders 03:39

2. Upon Our Hordes 04:21

3. Witching Evil 04:50

4. Possessed 04:24

5. The Sleeping Darkness 03:20

Side B

6. Graveyard Alike 04:21

7. Labyrinth of Fire 03:56

8. Ironheart 04:19

9. Hymn of Death 04:35

10. Lullabyss 03:00

Total 40:45


Death Metal