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Nuori Veri - Kadonnut Maailmankuva (Fin), Digipack CD

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Aussaat presents the first full-length of finnish backwoods experimental act NUORI VERI. The album spans 7 songs in 40 minutes filled with inner war and poetic ramblings, farmyard noises melting into dreamlike sequences, crude piano loops, decaying sounds from reel-to-reel tapes, hum of old electronic devices, gravel, soil, animal sounds and aggressive vocals. Mystic and atmospheric but at the same time more fierce than ever before.


1 Muistamisen taakka
2 Konttilanoja
3 Ikuisten ystävien kanssa
4 Ratsu F-3
5 Lasi muuttuu hiekaksi
6 Niittyvallankumous
7. Vihreä raunio


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Industrial, Field Recordings, Ambient