Costi di Spedizione Flatrate per i paesi dell'UE

42,02 €
Tasse incluse Spedizione esclusa Tempo di consegna: 2-4 days

0,00 kg


Ideal for our customers who order several and many products during the month and would like to pay only one time shipping costs.

* With the Shipping Cost Flatrate for EU Countries you can order as much as you want within one month.

* The Shipping Cost Flatrate for EU Countries will be calculated day-exactly for one complete month.

* After purchasing the Shipping Cost Flatrate for EU Countries you will receive a Code from us, which you can use for further orders in the valid period of time (1 month). When you use your personal Code on further orders, no additional shipping-costs will be calculated.

* The Shipping Cost Flatrate for EU Countries is only valid for countries within the European Union.

If you have any questions, please give us a call or write us. Thanks.