Taklamakan/Umpio - Interaxion Venenosa (Cro/Fin), CD

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What we have here is a reissue of this LP from 2014, originally in an edition of 100 on italian label A Dear Girl Called Wendy. No remaster, no bonus, just classy junk noise archaeology.

Back in 2013, Taklamakan (Croatia) received unused recording session leftovers from Umpio (Finland), and viceversa, in the best tradition of the old days of mail collaboration. “Do something with this!” The final result comes in the form of two pieces in which each artist recycles those materials, combining strange with new, arriving at the crystal clear focus point of massive avalanches of relentless scrap metal electronix compositions.

“Here at Arkisto / Umpio HQ, with the help of close allies White Centipede Noise and Narcolepsia, we wish to celebrate and salute the now defunct A Dear Girl Called Wendy, forever in gratitude for believing in this project, and for being an absolutely kick-ass harsh noise label.” – P. Dassum

Edition of 200


Cenizas Y Acidos 19:46
Huesos Molidos 19:57


Scheda tecnica

Power Electronics/Noise