Jenne888 - Mother, Ltd. 100 (Ger), Tape

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Noble Transparent-Blue cassette with black on-body print and j-card. Limited to 100.

Jenne888 is a newcomer to the scene and presents great electronica with his debut release „Mother“. Despite not having any previous output to show, this short but sweet tape is an instant win. Refined Ambient soundscapes are paired up with tasty and full analogue Synthesizer sounds, causing an orgasmic marriage of sounds.

Despite the free-flow of Jenne888's material, patterns and loose melodies appear at just the right time, just to be reabsorbed into the wavering lake of thick oscillation. Absolutely mandatory for anyone interested in classy electronic music!

All music by Jenne888. Mastered in July 2022 by Alex Crispin. Executive production by Dunkelheit Produktionen, 2022. All rights reserved.


Side A
1. Mother V1 06:41
2. Mother V2 06:47

Side B
1. Mother V1 06:41
2. Mother V2 06:47

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