Vomitmantik - Devotio Ad Bestias (Ita), CD

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"Devotio Ad Bestias" is the debut album from Italy's deranged VomitmantiK, a bestial Black Metal massacre saga in seven black-blood drenched acts (plus a Bathory cover): a storm of furs, horns claws, and hooves devoted to the insanity that lies beyond!
Vomitmantik features corrupted members from Uncreation, Terrorsaw, Deathfucker, Necromutilator... United at once for their devouring love for barbaric necrobestiality.

As for every Nuclear Abominations release, maximum care has been taken for a top-level release. All CDs are sealed and come with an OBI strip. Vinyl LP coming in Autumn, preorders available on buio-omega.it e-store, limited edition on crystal clear vinyl only available there.

Majestic art by master craftsman Paolo Girardi.


1 Constrictor
2 Invokation Of The Graveless Ones
3 Bestial Blood
4 The Gorgon Priestess
5 Theophagia
6 The Black Descent
7 Warkult
8 Monolith Of Burning Flesh
9 The Return Of Darkness And Evil

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Death Metal