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Patient K - Piss Artist (UK), Digipack CD

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Patient K is Kevin Tomkins’s (Sutcliffe No More, formally Sutcliffe Jugend) new solo project. It is a totally unique album, sounding like no other. ‘Piss Artist’ uses a limited sound pallet to recreate the distorted vile world in which the characters in Tomkins’s world exist. The vocals on ‘Piss Artist’ maintain Tomkins vocal style, but finds them crushed into the music like never before. The music is a mix of drum machine, synthesizer, organ and electric piano, all twisted to create a new kind of oppressive atmosphere. Sometimes the music veers into song like structures, sometimes into post industrial nightmares. An absolute must for lovers of his previous work, Patient K will fill a unique space in any collection. CD comes in a trifold cardboard sleeve, with a 12pp booklet featuring the stunning artwork of Patient K.


1. Head Count    0:07
2. Patient K    10:10
3. In A Glass Cage    5:55
4. The Proposition    0:27
5. Prussian Blue    2:44
6. Piss Artist    0:54
7. Wicked Boy    9:08
8. Everything Is Not Love    0:37
9. The Cartographer    4:53
10. Wounds    0:31
11. Mother Mourns    7:31
12. Swallow Dive    2:32
13. All That Remains    8:06

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Ambient, Experimental, Spoken Word