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Hazarda Bruo Sonsistemo/Kadaver/Mampos/886VG - Teeth (Fin/Isr/Mal/Chi), Tape), Tape

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The second release under Siunattu Hiljaisuudessa prod. label is 'Teeth', a 4-way split tape compilation featuring myself as Hazarda Bruo Sonsistemo, Kadaver from Israel, Mampos from Malaysia and 886VG from Chile. Expect some harsh, crude and brute noise. 60-minute cassette is limited to 50 copies and it was 1:1 duplicated again by Upper Class Twat Tapes.


A1 Hazarda Bruo Sonsistemo - Canyon     
A2 Hazarda Bruo Sonsistemo - Jack Goes To Dentist     
A3 Kadaver - Rectum Dentata     
B1 Mampos - Technical Ease     
B2 886VG - Part I     
B3 886VG - Part II     
B4 886VG - Fuck Copyrights, Pirate Everything


Power Electronics/Noise