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The Rita - Sharks and the Female Form/Tight Fitting Armor (Can), Digipack CD

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This CD is the re-edition of:
§ "Sharks and the Female Form" first out in 2018 on OEC as a Music-Cassette limited to 39 hand-numbered copies including a load of A5 inserts.
Cassette was re-edited in 2019 in a standard case limited to 100 copies

§ "Tight Fitting Armor" out in 2016 as music-Cassette together with a 12" lathe cut limited to 23 hand-numbered copies.

No need to spend much words about the muzak: what you hear is the HARSH NOISE WALL for which THE RITA is very well known!

Frontfront cover is a drawing by Japanese artist ZUKK. Zukk design combines in a single image the imagery used for the covers of the two original cassettes. All art in the other digipak pannels taken and re-worked from original Cassettes art-works.
But what was behind those recordings?  >>>


1 Sharks And The Female Form 1
2 Sharks And The Female Form 2
3 Tight Fitting Armor (Diary Of A Chambermaid) 1
4 Tight Fitting Armor (Diary Of A Chambermaid) 2

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Harsh Noise Wall