Shades Of Deep Water

Syvien Sävyjen Universumi​/​The Desolation

Cat.-Nr: DP077

Origin: Finland
Music: Death/Doom
Medium: MC
Limitation: 100


Side A/Side B
"Syvien Sävyjen Universumi"   
1. Universe 05:15
2. Syvien sävyjen universumi 03:45
3. Decades 07:00
"The Desolation"
4. Wide Wings Once Torn 07:18
5. Death To Mortal Men 09:50

Total 33:09


Let’s take a final deep breath before diving head first into the abyssal world of J.H., the artist behind SHADES OF DEEP WATER. Just be there, when the first guitarsounds fill your room – we’re taken out of this world and pushed under water just to realize how futile existence is. Looking up, there’s only the full moon shining above the still surface, while we slowly drift away with eyes wide open, carried by the melodies. Deeper and deeper down we are drawn into the world of SHADES OF DEEP WATER – with a smile on our faces, because this is music for those connoisseurs who are able to stop and inhale every note.

The famous Finnish heaviness, established through the early works of AMORPHIS and the legendary THERGOTHON is pursued by this release. This limited black tape has the power to make the listener feel the force of Funeral Death/Doom which this genre can unfold only when played with heart and soul.
Two important releases of the band’s discography will now be re-released: “The Desolation” and “Syvien sävjen universumi” will finally be available digitally and on cassette, so even more listeners can be dragged under water, in the depths of the sea… Limited to 100 sea-blue cassettes with noble silver print.