Desecration, Crucifixion, Perversion

Cat.-Nr: DP035

Country: South Korea
Music: Black/Death
Medium: CD
EAN: 0662425050963


1. Intro: Prelude to Nöcturnal Damnatiön / Mephisto Enthroned 3:57
2. Nuclear Desecration 3:00
3. Crucifixion & Sodomy 2:43
4. Fornication Of The Black Mass 2:52
5. Black Destruction 3:27
6. Iron Baphomet's Demoniac Reign / Outro: Atomik Weapons Onslaught(Devastation Of Heaven) 4:04

"Sadogoat Warmageddon Command" Demo

7. Satanic War Metal 3:21
8. The Almighty Sathanas 3:41
9. Apocalyptic Nuclear War 3:47

Total: 30:57 Minutes

The year 2012 gave birth to seemingly the most bestial, brutal and perverted album the eastern Asian scene ever had to experience. The South Koreans of NOCTURNAL DAMNATION unleash an incredible detonation of unmatched intensity with their album “Desecration, Crucifixion, Perversion”, which contains a deadly mix of Death and Black Metal.

The first edition was released on tape and limited to 200 copies, which were sold out on an instant. For this reason Dunkelheit Produktionen re-releases this twisted masterpiece, this time on CD including redone artwork by mighty indonesian artist Oik Wasfuk and a very special bonus: The band’s first demo, “Sadogoat Warmageddon Command” is included as bonus tracks. Every CD includes a high quality poster as well in the size of 36,0 cm x 47,6 cm. This dose of Nuclear War Metal will devastate anyone, not only fans of MAYHEM (Pure Fucking Armageddon-Era), CONQUEROR (Can), and the legendary BLASPHEMY !