The Fog Beneath My Feet

Cat.-Nr: DP053

Country: Germany
Music: Ambient
Medium: MC
Limitation: 100


1. The Fog Beneath My Feet 26:09
2. The Spirit of Nothingness 24:32

Total 50:41

LOUSBERG takes you on a trip into the deepest nature and the dark mysticism of the past with its new ambient demo “The Fog Beneath My Feet“. The Lousberg, a hill in Aachen (Germany), is the source of inspiration in here: Legend has it that the devil created it when he carried tons of sand to the region, with the intention to bury the Aachen Cathedral. On top of the hill, there are woods where history breathes. Especially at night.

The music created by mastermind JanuZ (aka BinZynisch, EGONOIR) is handmade with synthesizers from the 80s and 90s. The soundscapes whisper of ancient magic and summon cold fog only disturbed by the footsteps of a wanderer on his never ending trail to doom. But the journey is comforting, surrounded by nature the lonely one finds his grave that is his home. For fans of RAISON D'ETRE or VINTERRIKET.

"Every night I dream of this place; a hill build by the devil himself in anger! See me standing on the top of this old place, my soul like a burning flame, I watch over my homeland, with the fog beneath my feet, and I hear those words for evermore: Beshrew Thee!!" Lousberg - The Fog beneath My Feet/ Meditative Ambient And Ritualistic Soundscapes.

Limited to 100 blue colored pro cassettes with noble gold print.