Israthoum - Channeling Death and Devil (Hol), LP

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Deep rooted in the infamous Portuguese Black Metal scene, re-emerged on Dutch soil in the late 90's to pursuit their devilish quest, continuously refining their essence in a regular flow of releases during the last 17 years.

Keeping the sonority true to their 90´s origins, the band’s first manifestations are influenced by some experimental styles, where keyboards played a prominent role in creating those intense and grasping ambiances. These experiments became scarcer over time and completely disappeared in Black Poison and Shared Wounds,<span class="il">Israthoum</span>’s second album and a turning point on their commitment to the ravaging and harsh resonances of black metal.

Five years after the release of their second full-length, and after having released a split 7”EP and a MCD, Israthoum</span> are back with 48 minutes of pure malignant devastation. Following the path of their most recent work, Channeling Death Devilpresents an evolution of the riff’s rawness that guide us in a frenzy of unexpected turns. Opening the door to a twisted, phantomly world, each one of these 9 hymns takes us through an inner voyage between raged and rampant guitar lines, that struck you with the intensity of a lightning, and mid-paced sections of introspective melodies. A dense sound production that drags the listener to an awaken slumber state of mind, hypnotized and mystery induced. The vocals are a mix of restrained, strangled shouts that nearly break in despair as the turmoil arises. This audial facade carries also the gleam of choirs in a profound interpretation, blazing the atmosphere with an almost conspicuous obscurity, an invocation of things untold but understandable within.Israthoum are presenting us with their most obscure work, a vessel to all the darkness that let the disquietude unfold…

Side A

1. Channeling Death and Devil 05:02    

2. Laceration of the Pliant 05:30    

3. Between the Maze and the Turmoil 04:54    

4. Drudges of Ruination 02:39    

5. Walls of Penitence 08:07    

Side B

6. A Bleak Fulgency in Splendour 05:27    

7. Well of Bitterness 05:53    

8. Acquiescas Fata 05:36    

9. Turn Stone to Ash 04:38    

Total 47:46 


Black Metal