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Abjvration - The Unquenchable Pyre (Fra), LP

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After a couple of sold out tape pressings (last one on Caligari), France’s ABJVRATION’s stellar 2015 EP finally gets the compact disc release it deserves. Twenty-six minutes of downtuned, death doom from France. ABJVRATION features ex-members of Huata and Funeralium.


Side A

1. I Am the Torch-Bearer, I Set Them Ablaze at Dawn 03:06  

2. The Desiccated Womb 08:26  

3. The Famished Zealot 05:01  

Side B

4. The Clawed Redeemer 05:56  

5. They Were Led Astray by Treacherous Visions of Death 04:26  

6. The Accursed Rebirth    

Total 26:55