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Mythenmetz - s/t (Ger), Tape

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Absolutely highly recommended tape for everybody who is into Dungeon Synth. The second edition of the sold out MYTHENMETZ cassette. Handnumbered from 51-100, minimalistic lofi Dungeon Synth from deep german underground!


A1  Der Silberne Faden  4:48
A2  Schloss Schattenhall  4:36
A3  Gaunabs Hall  7:25
A4  Leidener Männlein  3:00
A5  Unvorhandene Winzlinge  1:50
A6  Lindwurmtanz  2:18
A7  Qualmoir  3:14
A8  Die Kalten Kavernen  3:32
A9  Eine Schatulle  0:59
A10  Regenschein  4:32


Dungeon Synth