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Eislandschaft - Visions In The Black Tundra (Arg), Tape

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Hypnotic minimalism returns, a lonely journey through the frigid winter wastelands. "Visions in the Black Tundra" is the newest offering from EISLANDSCHAFT, the cold-blooded ambient project from F. Curwenius (aka Goblintropp) of Argentina.

The project focuses on ancient polar myth and arctic lore, creating an eerie frozen landscape of glacial texture with a melancholic singularity. Even snow becomes black with the shadow of night fall.

Arctic isolationism for sub-zero trance state. Behold, frostbitten serenity.


A1 Below The Iced Lake 8:21
A2 The Thing That Lurks During The Blizzards 10:21
A3 A Deserted Cabin In The Cold Desolation 5:40
B1 Wintry Starry Sky 8:22
B2 Lost In The Black Tundra 5:31


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