Antumia/Cultus Asal - Split Tape 2017 (Pan/Den), Tape

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Fans of extreme black/noise take care! This beast is what you are searching for! Alliance between central american black-noise ANTUMIA and danish extreme band CULTUS ASAL will destroy your ears! Watch out!!!


A1 Antumia No Mas Ruido Por Favor

A2 Antumia Si Ti Quieres Suicidar Ven A Panama, Tenemos Hermosos Puentes!

B1 Cultus Asal Hands Of Power

B2 Cultus Asal Pulpits Of Abomination

B3 Cultus Asal Will To Perfection

B4 Cultus Asal Writhin In Sin

B5 Cultus Asal Blood & Twisted Iron

B6 Cultus Asal The Traitors Gospel

B7 Cultus Asal Upon A Nest Of Worms

B8 Cultus Asal Psalms Of Chaos