Eislandschaft - Tales Of The Frost (Arg), Tape

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Hypnotic minimalism manifests in monochrome, transversing the barren winter wastelands. "Tales of the Frost" delivers a pure vision of frigid polar ambience and melancholic synthesis from F. Curwenius (Goblintropp) of Argentina. Body temperatures plummet as the blood runs cold, wind chill cuts like sharpened blade. 

Initially self-released digitally by the artist in August '17, this edition features an exclusive all new track, as of yet unheard. Over 48 minutes of arctic isolationism for navigation through deep sub-zero trance. Behold, frostbitten serenity.


A1 I Found Them Buried In The Ice 8:14

A2 Demented And Lost In The White Plain 8:15

A3 There's Something Out There, In The Middle Of The Winter Night 8:00

B1 Ten Thousand Footsteps In The Snow 8:20

B2 The Iced Plateau 8:08

B3 The Tombstone Under The Aurora Borealis 8:35