Falgar - En La Vanguardia (Prc), Tape

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Falgar is the solo project of Etienne Tel’uial hailing from Puerto Rico, currently based in Vermont. “En La Vanguardia” is the tenth release from the long running project, beginning in 2007 and releasing a string of desolate mid-paced Black Metal until eventually shifting to the radiant neo-folk project it is today. Influenced by dusty “Western” & Indo-European essence, the work captures a sense of warm romanticism through the incorporation of sparse percussion, contemplative drone and liquid guitar passages in combination with transportive vocals and atmospheric synthesis, a manifestation of complex ambience and deeply immersive environments formed from relatively simplistic means. Light shines brightly, bringing vision to shadowed corners.

Released digitally in 2016, this work finally receives an official physical release, now graced with an additional ambient work, “Tu Oscuridad”, as of yet unheard. Professionally duplicated / imprinted smoke shell cassette comes packaged with full color double sided J-card featuring artwork by Anders Zorn. Type II chrome, limited edition of 70 copies.


A1 Nuevo Sol 1:22

A2 Sangre Occidental 2:30

A3 Despierta 3:03

A4 Nuestra Fuerza 1:44

A5 Fuego En La Noche 3:16

A6 Presagio 5:12

A7 Tu Oscuridad 5:29

B1 Santos 5:21

B2 Hermano 4:42

B3 La Luz En Ti 5:32

B4 Recuerda 7:13