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Digitize of a Vinyl

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You would like to archive a vinyl record and/or have it everytime available in digital format? Our service includes the digitize of your vinyl and the return of the original-record to you.

* The digitize of your vinyl will be done in the following format: 24 Bit, 96,0 Khz, PCM WAV (lossless format)

* After the digitize of your musiccassette will happen the splitting to two files (Side A and Side B), or if its possible in tracks.

* After the digitize of your record, we will send the final format to you via internet. If you wish, we can prepare your files additional on CD-r/DVD-r as well.

* High quality through qualitative equipement

Please note: The service includes the digitize of a vinyl-record. At any time will not happen a restoration of the material.