Brahmastrika - Abhabaniyastral Samsarimplication + Poster, Splatter Edt. (Ind), LP (Vorbestellung: 1st May 2021)

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Noble 180g (Heavy Vinyl), 300gsm Jacket, Insert, Black Paperbag, Poster A2 Format

Abhabaniyastral Samsarimplication is the consequence of ineliminable yogisolationary practices and meticulous exploitation of primal sanatana knowledge filtered through rashayanic paleo-enzymes, unfurled onto the synapsidal slavo-gynarchy. Palindromic primordial manifestations, exponentially multiplicative kama-tantras and eschatological hadean enlightenment is concentrated, culminated and adulterated is inscribed through autonomous oscillations and cyclic dev-monic acharita resolute to nauseate the frail and fragile but, entice the superior in the perpetual quest to administer the shashbhyatatvyic mastery Vishvabhuta.

All music by Brahmastrika. Artwork by Adim Ashtakam Art. Layout by Qayin Mandala Graphex. Mixed and Mastered by Martial Opium. Executive Production By Dunkelheit Produktionen, 2021. All Rights Reserved. WWW.DUNKELHEIT.CC

1. Agniprabahik Raktagurgitation 03:46
2. Matragarbhikmulyapurnaugrabidhrahayagya 12:43
3. Regolithic Pranamonitions 06:46

Total 23:17



Death Metal