Funeral In Heaven/Plecto Aliquem Capite - Astral Mantras of Dyslexia (Srl), Digipack CD

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The noble digipack version from the ritualistic sri lankan raavan cult hordes... Different Artwork and huge booklet !

A long over due split release where Sri Lanka’s psychotic auditory terrorists and the legionaries of the 666th battalion of the Raavan cult have congregated to create, manifest and aid world spiritual warfare. 7 deranged and trance inducing hymns of tantric mantras, including not only the infamous “Stoned Guru Ramblings” by Plecto Aliquem Capite and “Buddhang Saranang” by Funeral In Heaven recorded as a tribute to an ancient Sri Lankan cult, this release contains the byproduct bastard progeny “Crestfallen: Immolating Shakthi” purged into existence by fusing ancestral possessions inherited by both projects. Clocking over 50mins of ominous Sri Lankan ritualistic auditory therapy for mentally deranged ancient worshipers of astral energy delivered to you now as digipack cd ! Limited to 500 copies, plastic wrapped and sealed !


1. Transmigrations into eternal submission (of altered consciousness) 11:28

2. Bandhana (Gatahaththey kathaa wasthuwa) 12:38

3. Buddhang Saranang - Thapas tribute. 7:10

4. Lament 4:12

5. Stoned Guru Ramblings 6:28

6. Cemetary of the deep 4:50

7. Crestfallen: Immolating Shakthi (PAC/FIH) 8:33

Total: 55:34 Minutes


Ritual/Black Metal