The Ruins Of Beverast - Exuvia (Ger), Digipack CD

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Exuvia is a vessel of constipated lethal bacteria, loading an atonic fluid, a venomous substance of colours, a marsh of florescence. It is a fortress against a siege machine of spiritless organisms and so much a yell to nature's cleansing spirits. EXUVIA features 6 psychoabyssal downward spirals in TROBesque paintwork. Production and mixing was processed with Michael Zech. digipack CD, 

fullcolored with black print inside, booklet with lyrics, info and impressions


1. Exuvia 15:27  

2. Surtur Barbaar Maritime 08:51  

3. Maere (On a Stillbirth's Tomb) 11:22  

4. The Pythia's Pale Wolves 14:34  

5. Towards Malakia 09:39  

6. Takitum Tootem! (Trance) 07:45  

Total 01:07:38

Ván Records


Black Metal