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Human Virus Bistouri - Raw Meat, Warm Tears (Ita), CD

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Human Virus Bistouri, collaboration project between Italian noisers Claudio Frassine (Mademoiselle Bistouri) and Mattia Porri (Human Virus Transmission) which later on evolved into North Central, have in "Raw Meat, Warm Tears" a well structured debut album of sick and disturbing electronics. Far from blasts of brutal noise assaults, "Raw Meat, Warm Tears" creepels beneath the skin and builds a far more disturbing aura than any direct violence can ever achieve. This is the soundtrack of abuse played in the most classy and exquisite way.


1  Mia D.  10:35
2  Suicide Girl Pt. 1-3  5:26
3  Raw Meat, Warm Tears  6:27
4  Raping Catholic Moms In Spare Time  4:27


Power Electronics, Noise