Eructation - The Fumes of Putrefaction, 1992-1995 (Swe), CD

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The history of underground Death Metal is crammed with bands that never got to make it past the demo stage. However, only a handful of them actually deserved much better in terms of both longevity and recognition. Such was the case with the obscure yet amazing Swedish band Eructation, whose "Demo #1" (1992) was an unquestionable force to be reckoned with that many a fan of the genre praise as one of the most remarkable yet hideous gems from the times of yore. "The Fumes of Putrefaction (1992-1995)" compiles the 3 songs from their cult "Demo #1" (1992), 5 songs from a late 1993 recording session (meant to be out in 1994 as an EP that unfortunately never got to see the light of day) and 2 songs from the last recording session in 1995. Those expecting the typical Swedeath trademark sound will be extremely disappointed, as these Swedes drew their influences from the fine days of the old Floridian scene (Morbid Angel, Death, Atheist, Brutality, Malevolent Creation...) and other European acts such as Morgoth, Asphyx and Incubator. Catchy yet intricate enough riffage, raspy vocals, a pounding rhythm section, a lavish dose of old school madness... This CD is nothing short of just anything that any fan of anachronistic Death Metal could ever wish for!!! All songs slightly retouched (volume only!) for an even more pleasurable and homogeneous listening experience. Liner notes by bass player Tobias Karlsson. Enhanced original cover art of the official 1992 demo and layout by Ola Sjöberg (of God Macabre fame).


1. Day of Confusion 06:00  

2. Foul Feast 02:57  

3. Consider to Die 03:49  

4. Failed Humankind 04:02  

5. Ancient Fall 04:08  

6. Day of Confusion (1994 version) 04:48  

7. Sworn in Blood 04:18  

8. M.C. 01:58   instrumental

9. Sadistic Mind 03:49  

10. Invincible Dream 04:35  

Total 40:24

Memento Mori


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