Evilcult - At The Darkest Night (Bra), CD

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With more influences from Speed and Traditional Heavy Metal mixed into their signature concoction of raw Black/Thrash Metal mayhem, EVILCULT on their debut album has evolved into a hell-bent behemoth. Blending powerful riffs and roaring vocals like CRUEL FORCE and DEATHHAMMER with the classic the atmosphere of older SODOM, DESTRUCTION, and RUNNING WILD.


1. Drunk by Goat’s Blood 05:57  
2. Sons of Helfire 04:01  
3. Nocturnal Attack 04:35  
4. Eternal Cult of Darkness 05:16  
5. Burning Leather 03:43  
6. Army of the Dead 05:45  
7. Unholy Knights 03:53  
8. Necro Magic 06:00  

Total 39:10