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Parkcrest - ...And That Blue Will Turn To Red (Chi), CD

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On their sophomore album, the Chilean Thrash maniacs’ sound has mutated into a more progressive, accelerated, and aggressive sonic punch. Amalgamating KREATOR’s and DARK ANGEL’s raw, savage speed with ANACRUSIS’ brute force musicality. Filled with heart-wrenching instrumental pieces, frenetic choruses, punishing percussion, and soaring solos, this album is best consumed at maximum volume!


1. Impossible to Hide 08:03   
2. Darkest Fear 04:34   
3. Punished in Life 02:45   
4. Possessed by God 04:49   
5. Midnight Chasm 04:18   
6. Dwelling of the Moonlights 07:14
7. Hatred 'Till Die 04:03   
8. Tired and Guilty 04:36   
9. And That Blue Will Turn to Red 06:09   

Total 46:31


Thrash Metal