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Funeral Leech - Death Meditation (USA), CD

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Death Meditation spews forty-five soul-crushing minutes of death/doom darkness mired in contemplation of our mortal fragility. Recorded and mixed at Chapel Black Studios in Brooklyn, New York by Travis Bacon (White Widows Pact, Black Anvil, Hogwasche) and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Tomb Mold), through the putrid resonance of Death Meditation,

FUNERAL LEECH believes that death is a new beginning!


1. Downpour 08:16   
2. Statues 05:01   
3. The Burden of Flesh 07:18   
4. Lament 08:00   
5. Morbid Transcendence 07:46   
6. I Am the Cosmos 08:40   

Total 45:01


Death Metal