Abstract Spirit - Theomorphic Defectiveness (Rus), CD

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The fourth album of one of the best Russian funeral doom metal bands Abstract Spirit «Theomorphic Defectiveness» continues to present composer talent and performance skills of musicians. The music which can be recognized from the very first chords is still gloomy majestic and insane, memorable for its unique demented atmosphere. Indeed, this is a funeral orchestra performing the soundtrack to apocalypse. At the same time the musicians add new fresh ideas to their music, such as extensive choirs, which differs «Theomorphic Defectiveness» from previous works, however, continues the search for perfect expressive sound. The insanity goes on!


1. Theomorphic Defectiveness 12:45

2. Za Sonmom Cvetnyx Snovidenii 12:30

3. Leaden Dysthymia 05:52

4. Prism of Muteness 10:29

5. Under Narcoleptic Delusions 11:17

6. March October (Skepticism cover) 11:42  

Total 01:04:35


Funeral Doom