Taarma - Reflecting Hateful Energy, Tribute to Xasthur (Afg), MCD

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As the subtitle suggests, this is a tribute from obscured land of Middle East to one of the most outstanding US Black Metal acts so far. The Afghan / Pakistani notorious creator of darkness, Taarma, has heaped lavish praise to Xasthur for some years, and the ambition now comes to fruition. This interesting piece contains of 4 tracks of hateful & solitary Black Metal with harshly distorted guitars and vocals, which remind us of the desolate mood of Xasthur's early era rather than relatively sophisticated sound of recent years.


1. Consumed by a Dark Paranoia 03:43  

2. Reflecting Hateful Energy 07:27  

3. Prison of Mirrors 09:20  

4. Doomed by Howling Winds 06:03  

Total 26:33


Black Metal