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Pharmacist - Medical Renditions Of Grinding Decompositions + OBI, Marbled Edition (Jap), LP

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Lovers of Carcass inspired pathological death-grind the wait is over, Pharmacist already classic new plunge into the dirtiest, darker recesses of grindcore has finally been released on vinyl format. The tracks have been accurately remastered for optimal vinyl sound. Comes on heavy 180 grams wax format with a splatter full-color inner sleeve.


1. Gardening on Human Soils 05:49  
2. Cadaveric Osseous Stalactite 06:08  
3. Gastronomic Spoiled Courage 05:55  
4. Fumes of Exhumation 05:03  
5. Corporal Colophony Nectar 04:23  
6. Innards Saponification in Moderate Conditions 04:40  
7. Eulogy of Pathological Surgery 04:52  
8. Decrepit Peristaltica 04:29  
9. Emphasize Forensic Phenomena Conclusion 05:27  

Total 46:46


Death Metal