Drawn and Quartered - Feeding Hell's Furnace (USA), LP

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We are extremely proud to release the new album of this amazing American band that has been inexplicably overseen until now. Expect one of the best Blasphemous Darkened Death Metal albums that you've heard in the past decade, blowing away with ease all their past efforts and the greatest majority of today's generic and over-hyped Death Metal bands. Prepare to be initiated to Drawn And Quartered's suffocating darkness ! All auditory and lyrical carnage by Drawn and Quartered. Recorded and mixed at Autopsy Room, August-December 2010.


1. Stabwound Invocation 03:40

2. Feeding Hell's Furnace 02:40

3. A World in Ashes 04:29

4. Mutilated Offerings 03:29

5. Lustmörder 04:42

6. Horde of Leviathan 03:19

7. Gravescape 03:50

8. Cryptic Consecrations 05:13

9. No Absolution 05:21

Total: 36:43 Minutes


Death Metal