Perversor - Anticosmocrator + Poster (Chl), LP

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OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS! Limited edition, hand-numbered one-time pressing of 111 copies on deep purple vinyl (mostly sold through HHR mailorder) and 888 hand-numbered copies on traditional black vinyl. Comes with a large 18"x24" poster.

It's been seven long years since PERVERSOR released their classic debut album, Cult of Destruction, and four nearly-as-long years since their last EP, The Shadow of Abomination, which HELLS HEADBANGERS reissued on a wider scale not long after its initial release - but the Chilean maniacs are as restless 'n' wild as ever on their long-awaited second album, Anticosmocrator! Firmly committed to the hellish climes of South American black/death madness, here on Anticosmocrator, PERVERSOR whip up a fury of filthiness and bestiality that could only come from the cult-metal cauldron of Chile. One track detonates after another, with the band seemingly locked into a state of violent possession, each scabrous riff and vocal vomit summoned from a sulfurous pit far beyond the purview of mankind. But through it all, PERVERSOR stay just as committed to the METAL aspect of their black/death madness, thrashing forth with a memorability rooted in the '80s ways. And the world trembles before the imminent doom of Anticosmocrator...


Side A

1. Inhale 03:15    

2. Anticosmocrator 03:15    

3. Bestial Path 03:08    

4. Awakening of the Ancient Ones 03:14    

5. Venomous Madness 03:07    

Side B

6. Infinite 02:55    

7. The Age of Darkness 02:51    

8. Old Temples of Death 03:15    

9. Metal Massacre 03:27    

Total 28:27