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Government Alpha - Gedankenexperiment + Button (Jap), Tape

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Government Alpha is the extreme noise project of Yasutoshi Yoshida. While researching the essence of extreme sound, he continues today to perform and collaborate with artists from a broad range of genres, while exploring the many possibilities of electronics.

A collection of sound source works of thought experiment for noise, he was completely switched to computer recording. A sound source with a high degree of freedom that seems to have been released from the genre's shackles. You can enjoy the sound that is finely structured, powerful and clear, and that stimulates the eardrum sufficiently.


A1 Saltationism 4:34
A2 Catalepsy 3:39
A3 Effulgent 5:57
B1 Malfeasance 3:48
B2 Lamentable 7:04
B3 Nihility 3:23



Power Electronics, Industrial