Dodssang Tempel - Psalms Of Damnation And Hate (USA), Tape

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Noble Black Cassettewith red on-body print and j-card. Limited to 100.

Prepare yourselves as Dodssang Tempel is unleashed. This clandestine new Act has been lurking in the Shadows of the international Noise Scene and has worked with labels like Phage and Deathbed Tapes. Now, Dunkelheit presents a further full length tape: Psalms Of Damnation And Hate

Being steeped in Dark Rituals and Occult Wisdom, Dodssang Tempel's Sound is pure Black Bile, crunchy and distorted Walls that speak the obscure Tongue of banished Demons. Under these static Assaults, the Listener will find fine Interactions and Patterns of Sound dancing like Witches on Samhain while still presenting pure audial bloodstained Vomit. Not for Trendies.

Dodssang Tempel proves that the Underground is alive and the Black Flame can never be extinguished.

Psalms of Damnation and Hate was recorded at HELVETE STUDIO in 2022. Mastered by Arthur Rizk. Artwork by Marcus Mercer. Executive Production by Dunkelheit Produktionen, 2023. All Rights reserved.


Harsh Noise