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Fiendish Imp - Fiendish Imp/All Hallows Eve, Ltd. 100 (UK), Tape

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Noble solid red cassette with black on body print

This minimal, mysterious and haunting Dungeon Synth somewhere out of the depths of the UK captures you with its unique and impressive atmosphere. Lo-Fi and handcrafted as it is, the music of FIENDISH IMP tells a little story of ancient superstition, fearful ignorance and wily wickedness during 17 minutes on this s/t Demo. Creepy, catchy and haunting- a unique and dark synth journey.

Additional we have the gloomy and mysterious EP titled "All Hallows Eve" which was done by the FIENDISH IMP in Samhain 2018. Take yourself a breath, close your eyes and dive deep to the other, mysterious side with this great gem of Lo-Fi Dungeon Synth.

"Fiendish Imp" was recorded from March to June 2018 by 'The Imp', "All Hallows Eve", was recorded in Samhain 2018, somewhere in UK. Mixed and Mastered by "The Imp". Artwork and Logo designed by Fiendish Imp. Executive Production in 2019/2022 by Dunkelheit Produktionen.

► Listen on Bandcamp: https://dunkelheitprod.bandcamp.com/album/fiendish-imp-all-hallows-eve

Fiendish Imp
1. Bubbling Cauldron 02:24
2. Play With Poppet 02:15
3. Sign Your Name 03:14
4. The Charming Trickster 01:37
5. Dance Under The Full Moon 00:53
6. Read The Cards 02:09
7. Give Yourself To Me 03:12
8. Whispers From Her Ashes 01:32

All Hallows Eve
9. Our Secret Coven 02:01
10. The Slumbering Hag 02:09
11. The Haunted Harvest 01:58


Dungeon Synth