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Shadow Dungeon/Forest Temple - Barbaric Visions Upon The Flesh Of Time (Blh/Aus), Tape

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A seance between Forest Temple and Shadow Dungeon. Communing with ancient darkness.

Cassette edition limited to 250 on random mixed colors


01 Forest Temple – Twilight Chorus Of Forest Spirits
02 Forest Temple – The Atlantean Labyrinth Emerges
03 Forest Temple – Sprites Of The Sun-Forest Guide Me Into The Afterlife
04 Forest Temple – The Clandestine Chamber- A Mausoleum Beneath The Sands
05 Forest Temple – Infection And Madness Consume A Conquistador Deep Within The Jungle
06 Forest Temple – Opening The Ninth Gate (Beyond The Forest Temple)
07 Shadow Dungeon – Pathways To Vivid Darkness


Dungeon Synth