Necro Schizma - Erupted Evil, 1989 (Hol), Tape

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Chuffed to be reissuing one of the greatest cult death metal demos of all time! Necro Schizma were arguably the first band to play properly slow death metal. They took "Triumph Of Death" as a template (it's covered here), and the songs on this demo are essentially variations on that very basic theme; played incredibly primitively at snail's pace. This is rough-sounding stuff, and shows little musical flair at all, but for me this is an absolute godhead of early extreme metal and encapsulates everything those early scenes were about: paying homage to your heroes (the cover is even just photocopied from the sleeve of the first Angel Witch 7"!), recording and releasing music yourself with a distinct aesthetic, and capturing an atmosphere that is almost impossible to do nowadays. This demo has been re-released a few times in the past few years on vinyl and CD, but I don't think the artwork has come close to doing the justice of capturing the original home-made aesthetic in any way at all. This tape reissue is based on my own original copy of the tape and (I hope!) is a near-exact replica of the original. It suits the cassette format PERFECTLY, with tons of obliterating low-end and scuzzy, basement fidelity. Maintain the sanctity of the classics!

8-panel pro insert, factory-duplicated cassettes, shrink-wrapped. Limited to 100 copies.


Side A
1. Doom of the Necroslaughter 01:51
2. Erupted Evil 05:23   
3. Bestial Lust 04:30   
4. Crucified Carcass 06:39  
Side B
5. Mass Murderer 05:30   
6. Triumph of Death (Hellhammer cover) 07:32   

Total 31:25


Death Metal