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Cthonica - Typhomanteia: Sacred Triarchy Of Spiritual Putrefaction (Ven), Tape

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Side A
1. Act I: The Chalice 11:19  
2. Act II: The Verb 07:49  
3. Act III: The Lantern 09:51  

Side B
4. I:IV: Nor the Deadliest Disease Shall Be Compared with His Gift of Salvation... 06:34  
5. II:V: ...for the Children of He Who Lurks Beyond Shall Not Witness This Showcase of Glory... 08:20  
6. III:VI: ...Not as Those Who Served and Preached in Obeisance. 05:30  
7. VII: Ω De Derelictum Domum Sacrorum 02:57

Total 52:20