Sepolcro - 2011-2018 (Ita), 2Tape

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Tape 1
A1 Unnamed Dimension
A2 Malevolent Mist
A3 Undead Abyss
A4 Bone Totem
A5 The Edge Of Infinity
A6 Necrotic Stench Of Consumed Corpse
A7 Mastication Of Flesh
B8 Slumberdread
B9 The Call Of Chtulhu
B10 Crucifixion
B11 Gore Inquisition
B12 The Awakening Of Azathoth

Tape 2
C1 The Four Steps Of Decomposition
C2 Cryptobiosis
C3 Suspended Animation
C4 The Awakening Of Azathoth
C5 Troops Of Doom


Death Metal