Barbaric Horde - Gasmask Perpetrators (Por), Tape

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As strongly suggested by the demo's title, Barbaric Horde is NOT a band for the weak, nor it is a band for people who expect technical wankery. Just expect five tracks of raw Portuguese black metal with ghastly, demonic vocals, savage and primitive riffs, and slower to mid-paced drumming, perfect for fans of Archgoat, Profanatica, and Demoncy. Everything's in the band's name: Barbaric Horde is for old barbariians who like unapologetically blasphemous, unremittingly dark and relentless black metal.


Side A

1. Ritual of Sodomy  

2. Aborticide Plague  

3. Barbaric Horde


Side B

4. Superior Baphomet Devotion  

5. Salvation Deprived