Bestial Desecration - Nr. 5

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Finally, the work on the fifth issue of Bestial Desecration Zine has finally been finished!!! In total we got 92 (+12) pages of radical metal madness which also includes a special interview-trinity with Agressor, Masacre and Nekromantie about the historical evolution of 'Ultra Metal/Metal Medallo' from the past to this day! Furthermore, this issue contains also the very last interview with "Sen Nightcrawler" (Ex-Antacid/Lobotomy) and several very obscure "A Blast from the Past"-articles (even more detailed this time and heading out to the US and Finland too) and last but not least also the very first interview with the japanese extreme metal legend "ROSENFELD" (the very first one with a fanzine from overseas!!!) printed as a bonus zine. All in-depth interviews (no superficial bullshit) of this issue:

-Sen Nightcrawler (Antacid/Lobotomy)
-Incubus (Mexico)
-Remains (Thailand)
-Ancient (Indonesia)
-Also contains a few selected, detailed reviews and two A3-Posters of: Ophicvs/НОЧЬ

As usual, there'll be two editions available again: Regular & Die Hard. The Die Hard-Edition contains a special promo-tape (Vol.4: The legacy of Brutality) with selected tracks of Nekromantie, Masacre & Agressor to demonstrate the evolution and history of Ultra Metal/Metal Medallo during these days! (limited to 80 copies, only!)

ONLY PRINTED IS REAL!!! STOP CRYING - START WRITING! Total respect and support to all those who keep the old flame burning during these crazy times... and A big Fukk Off to certain fake-zine editors from the past, who claim that "fanzines are dead" today (bullshit)! The cult is still alive!!! Now we see who you really are!!!