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Deadhead - Nr. 7

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The best and cruelest zine from Asia! In this issue, we paid a tribute to old times! Total 27 new interviews. Massive 180 pages, A4 full size zine, printed like a book. Never mind the pricey registered airmail because this issue is HEAVY enough like molten metal! More like a book than a zine!

Featuring the best bands/personnel from the underworld.

Mefisto (Sweden) – Informative talk with 2 original band members upon the return! 

Sadistik Exekution (Australia) – Down Under’s most hated band. Rokk answered exaggeratingly!

Impaled Nazarene (Finland) – Finnish Black Metal demigods! Pre-1994 subjects only.

Black Crucifixion (Finland) – Talking about demo days and Fallen Pages only!

Bestial Summoning (Holland) – Exclusive with band founder Sephiroth. Spoke about all the unofficial releases! 4 pages!

Sarcofago (Brazil) – Featured for the second time after more than a decade! Leader of the devilish pack!

Necrobutcher (Brazil) – Raw energy Minas Gerais Deathcore! Classic! 7 pages! 

Insulter (Brazil) – Another maniacal and fanatical of the exotic Deathcore! 

Liam Atkins (US) – North Bay Area bad-ass legend! Very in-depth 100 questions answered from prison! 10 pages!

Abaddon (UK) – The barbaric guardian of the Seven Gates. Venom creator!

Shawn Mason (UK) – Hardcore Bathory records collector specialist.

Crude S.S (Sweden) – Talking the whole history. The secret of Hellhammer sounds revealed here! 5 pages!

G.I.S.M (Japan) – Ultra violence band from the land of Yakuza. They’ve returned! 

Tales Of The Macabre Mag (Germany) – Exclusive 90 questions about this mystical zine. The head of Hellbangers Moselfranken!

Deathcore (Germany) – Long forgotten classic German band. A lot of untold stories unearthed. 4 pages!

Assassin (Germany) – Some facts that were never spoken of before now revealed! Investigated! 4 pages!

Protector (Germany) – For those who still embrace the glorious years of Teutonic Thrash Metal! 5 pages!

Retrosatan (Argentina) – Legendary South American Satanic Heavy Metal fiends. 

Cirith Ungol (US) – Featured for the second time after a decade! This time with 2 original members. Detailed answers! 5 pages!

Mantas (US) – Kam Lee finally answered! Death Metal catalyst. Pre-Death/Massacre band! 4 pages!

Destructor (US) – The US Metal masters of maximum destruction! Brought a lot of historical memories!

Some of the best Malaysia’s best kept secret bands/personnel:

Punisher (Kuala Lumpur) – Live interview! Featured for the third time. Detailed interview with founder Rosdan! 5 pages!

Rator (Selangor) – Featured for the second time, now in their isolation. Entertaining stories, really long answers. 8 pages!

Betrayer (Johor) – Live interview! Unsigned 80’s Thrashers from the South of Malaysia. Answered by 2 original members!

Infectious Maggots (Kuala Lumpur) – Final interview with original vocalist Fathul. Pioneering Grindcore squad.

Vulga (Perak) – The one and only new interview with Ancient.

Bali Burton (Perak) – A really long answers from this legendary Cliff Burton reincarnation! 6 pages!

Special “Lost ‘n found” articles. We tracked down the original band frontmen who disappeared:

Shah Jahan – Original Rator vocalist (quitted the scene since the mid 90’s).

Azmi Bahari – Blackfire vocalist (currently under treatment).

Borg Sakaraka Xul – Nakaratul Khaum vocalist (quitted the scene since the late 90’s).

Total 27 interviews! A lot of researches; must read for anyone who loves the era. Plus the usual well-written scene articles, stories, reviews, pin-ups, etc. Old-styled layout like the ones you used to read in the old days. This new issue is even bigger, better and heavier! Honest, mean and rude! Encounter the genocidal mayhemic experience!