Demonomancer - Poisoner Of The New Black Age + Poster + Memorial Card, Black (Svd), 2LP

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2x 180g Vinyl (Heavy Vinyl), 350 gsm jacket, Insert, Black Paperbag, Poster in A2 format

A compilation of all demos which were released from 2012-2016 of the central-american warnoise command DEMONOMANCER. Bestial Warnoise from El Salvador!

Demonomancer's „Poisoner Of The New Black Age“ documents the entire discography of this Salvadorian one-man-band, as Julio Ardon performs all instruments in devotion to Satan. It is a testimony of sheer audio terror, consisting of 22 songs that attack on all fronts, a proof of the authenticity of its sound.

This archive reeks of the darkest desires, sleaze, perversion & filth, as if an unbridled, grinding hybrid ala Beherit, Nyogthaeblisz, Conqueror & Luciation came to life, yet still with a distinct identity, an unheard beast of its own. Sometimes it becomes unclear if this is Black Metal, Noise, or both, as the constant frantic disharmonies melt with blastbeats and offer something closer to gunfire than proper music. No nice melodies or harmonies to be found here, just pure audio distortion & ear torture - a crime put on black wax and silver disc.

Demonomancer is only : J. Ardon, All instruments and Satan, Photo by Rebeca B. A., Artwork by CHAOS VULTURE ARTWORKS, Design by Mors. Mastering by Moises Dextre at El Sótano Studio, Lima (Peru), 2018. All Recordings in this Compilation were from 2012-2016. Executive Production by Dunkelheit Produktionen, 2018-2022

Side A

1. Intro Gatered Of Tantrical Despotal Hate y Goatorgasm 03:22

2. Father Of Necromancy 03:22

3. Vicious Violated Graves 01:55

4. Astarte Liturgical Sodomancer 02:26

5. Invoking The Rectal Birth Of Christ 02:35

6. Black Candles Inside The Rotten Virgin Mary Pussy 01:51

Side B

7. Sucubo Archaic Dominant 02:11

8. Twisted Unholy God's Rectum 01:48

9. Christ Mary Horny Stench 00:56

10. Christ Anal Insemination Ritual 01:28

11. Molesting Holy Dead Flesh 03:31

12. Degenerated Satan Semen 02:20

Side C

13. Intro (Black Tongues From The Unholy Black Ancient Snakes) + Lakesis Attack From Seol 05:42

14. The Black Uriner Cloaker 02:20

15. Storming Blood And Lava 02:24

16. Under The Guillotine Of Satan 02:10

17. Demonomantia Spectral 01:42

Side D

18. Aborted Holy Bastard 02:06

19. Corrupter Of The Pestilent New Age 02:43

20. Christendom Cumslut 02:48

21. Black Mass Raper 03:44

22. Chemical Warfare Unleashed y Outro Terrortodox 01:56

Total 55:30


Death Metal, Warnoise, Noise