Kapala - Anti-Scum Noise Session MMXVIII (Ind), Tape

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War Vellum presents KAPALA's 'ANTI-SCUM NOISE SESSION MMXVIII', on cassette, including a 6 panel insert and limited to 150 copies worldwide!

Kolkata War Kommandants KAPALA practically need no introduction to any self-respecting bestial black metal devotee as they have quickly emerged as one of the most deranged entities of contemporary black death underground and specially with their last 12" EP 'TERMINATION APEX', they have left a permanent wound on everyone's collective psyche and have continued to crush more human-roaches under their steel-boots with the 7" split - CONTAMINATION ALLIANCE, they had released with German Power Electronics stalwarts CHAOS CASCADE.

ANTI-SCUM NOISE SESSION MMXVIII (which was recorded back in 2018 by M. Opium in an obscure Kolkata bunkers) is an obnoxious proclamation of all sorts of antihuman ethos and bona fide atomic elitism. Utterly terroristic and was performed by the trio with an unending abhorrence towards the human race and so-called modernity. This audio sends humanity back into the grip of nuclear winter and microwaves the listeners brain into radioactive custard with ultra-excessive distortions. Only for those who prioritizes the grotesque over the normalcy. Only for those who lust after hideously painful analog electrocutions!


A1 Thermobarik Spear
A2 Vomit The Phosphorous
A3 Homosapiennahilation
A4 Moral Attrition
B1 Thermobarik Spear
B2 Vomit The Phosphorous
B3 Homosapiennahilation
B4 Moral Attrition