Inquisitor - The Quantum Theory of Id (Lit), CD

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Forgotten Path presents its first audio release – debut long playing album from Lithuanian Avant-Garde Black Metal project Inquisitor. Digi CD, called „The Quantum Theory of Id“, contains four three-part story-developing songs and a separate intro. In its essence – it is a metaphysical fairytale, inspired by centuries of rivalry between the conceptions of determinism and indeterminism. The four pieces represent the journey of the Traveler who is both experiencing a personal drama and personalizing the crisis in the way the world is seen to be functioning. Catchy guitar riffs, surprising and passionate melodic passages, odd rhythm changes, extraordinary decisions and solutions, but still the required spirit of the music – not the typical Black Metal that you could expect. The CD is released under “Creative Commons” license – you are free to copy and share the music without any commercial purposes. Visit the official site of the album and find out the power and mystery of „The Quantum Theory of Id“.


Black Metal