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Mystic Charm - Shadows of the Unknown + Endless Sickness Demo 1992, 1994 (Hol), CD

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Official reissue of this cult and obscure Death/Doom classic from the Dutch scene, originally released in 1994, featuring brand new artwork by Cesar Valladares, lots of pictures taken from the band´s personal archives, liner notes by Gerlach Timmer (Mystic Charm´s bassist), and the "Endless Sickness" demo (1992) as bonus tracks. Remastered by the band themselves, "Shadows of the Unknown" is a haunting journey into dismal, atmospheric and morbid Death/Doom with eerie, rotten female vocals straight from a mouldy forgotten crypt. An absolute must for anybody into the sickening darkness of bands such as Delirium, Sempiternal Deathreign, Derkéta, early Paradise Lost, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, early My Dying Bride, Winter, Mythic...


1. Shadows of the Unknown 01:59

2. Mystic Charms 06:37

3. Window of Reality 05:08

4. Deadly Embrace 04:13

5. Saved Soul 04:29

6. Lost Empire 06:34

7. Beyond Darkness 05:56

8. Crushed Virginity 04:47

9. Endless Sickness 07:31

Total 47:14


Demo "Endless Sickness", 1992


Death Metal