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Moloch Letalis - Zgliszcza (Pol), CD

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Six years after the debut album bestial horde spits out successor. Nine tracks of absolute black / death metal being a tribute to the old school metal underground. Dirty, sulphurous sound from first moments leaves no doubt with what makes the face this trio from Wrzesnia. Devilish , vulgar and profane texts mercilessly crush your hearts . In the clash among the blackbird and the crunch of cracking skulls Moloch Letalis proudly carries Black Flag in uncompromising way discoursing with all the holy things of this world , leaving behind only ASHES !


1. Piekielnik 01:45  

2. Sex-Mag 05:09  

3. Plugawy pakt 03:16  

4. Necronomicon 05:42  

5. Skrzydła śmierci 04:07  

6. Przeklęte znamię 02:55  

7. Na szubienicy zawisł 05:29  

8. W posoce czarcich szczyn 03:02  

9. Dziedzictwo 05:32

Total 36:57

Old Temple


Black Metal