Lucifugum - Xa Heresy (Ukr), Digipack CD

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Anti-selling points:

- "fuck you all" attitude

- no promos, all interviews were rejected during last 3 years

- no thanks lists unlike many "evil, isolative, misanthropic" clowns

- no infant myspace, where many "grim, satanic, nihilistic outlaws" have tons of "friends"

- no official site with "great news" about a cool new guitar, fresh reviews and other pop shit

- no human influences, just in the vein of Evil

- no side projects, no split releases

- no session musicians

- no friends

- no gigs, festivals and other "cool metal parties" 

And the most hated band for all this.

The stronghold:

- totally fanatic and devoted attitude, rich music and unique lyrics. Art is the only reason to live.



Black Metal