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Cult Of Light - The Luminous Spiral (Ita), Digipack CD

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CULT OF LIGHT is the new collaborative project by Davide Del Col and Ascanio Borga. Inspired by ancient cults, folk horror tales and exploration expeditions, the music evokes long forgotten rituals and aims towards uncharted territories where mysterious ancestral forces are still alive and well. The debut album, “The Luminous Spiral” consists in 9 tracks of mesmerizing dark electronics and ever-evolving flux of sonic matter that represent a sonic ritual with tribal and spiritual overtones.
Both Davide and Ascanio are reference figures in Italy in the industrial ambient and experimental electronic scene.

Davide Del Col is an electronic musician and drummer. His many projects include Antikatechon, We Promise to Betray (with Giuseppe Verticchio/Nimh), Rhetra, Molnija Aura (with Andrea Marutti), Echran (with Fabio Volpi), Ornament. His music was published in many specialzed labels like Afe, Ebria, Small Voices, A Silent Place, Silentes, Oktagön.

Ascanio Borga is a electronic musician and guitarist. He released several solo albums with Afe Records and his label Sonic Boundaries. He also collaborated with several musicians in the italian experimental, noise and avant rock scene, like Cristiano Luciani (Cris X), Paolo Taballione (Carillon Del Dolore, Christian Death, Gronge) e Tiziana Lo Conte (Gronge, Roseluxx).


1 Among The Wolves    5:36
2 Remnants Of A Clear Path    7:24
3 The Luminous Spiral    5:32
4 Uncharted I    4:20
5 Perseverance    5:41
6 Call Of The Sun    5:07
7 The Ambivalent God    5:46
8 Incineration    10:25
9 Uncharted II    4:48


Ritual, Industrial, Ambient